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An Open Letter To President Obama

An Open Letter To President Obama

February 7, 2010
Dear President Obama,

            I know you think that you are serving the people of the United States by continuing to promote abortive practices.  I wonder how President Lincoln would respond to abortion if he was in office now.

            President Lincoln saw the injustice of slavery.  He swore to himself and to God, that if ever he had the power to change the practices of this country, to abolish slavery, that he would.  God lifted him into the one position in which he could change this practice.  Congress did not have the power, abolishing slavery was always voted down – the greedy southern plantation owners needed the slaves in order to turn a profit. 

Just like the Israelites trying to get free from the Pharoah of Egypt, the slaves of America could not get free from the Landowners of the Southern U.S.  God sent Abraham Lincoln, to free them.  Do you think that he got his name Abraham by chance?  I don’t, I believe he was one of God’s special chosen.  You see, God gave him his great oratory power, and his vision in order to do His work.  And, His work was accomplished through His loyal and loving servant, our great president, President Abraham Lincoln. Think on that for awhile.

            Our constitution was made to assure that justice would be guaranteed for all who live in these United States of America.  We are a people who came to this country to escape injustices that were performed against us in our mother countries.  All of us, except for the Native Americans who have yet to be compensated for the injustices we performed against them and the slaves who were brought here against their wills, came to this country with the expectation that justice and equal rights would be awarded to all.

            For many years, we have enjoyed freedom.  Now, we are becoming a country of people who selfishly think only of our own personal selves – hurting our neighbors, thoughtlessly, in order to fill our own gratuitous greed and/or lust. Now, in this once great nation, we have stooped so low as to murder babies in the womb in order to continue gratuitous sex.  We cannot even control ourselves long enough to prevent conception of a child during a woman’s fertile period (if we feel we cannot support a child), so we murder them instead. I guarantee you this. God is not happy with this.  One of His ten commandments states, Thou shalt not kill.  He was talking about any kind of life at all.  If you don’t believe me, Mr. President, read Genesis, in whatever version you like.  God cautions humans to take care of all of life, and that we will have to explain to Him why we thought we had to disobey.  God is God, Mr. President.  I wouldn’t think to try to argue with Him.  Anyone is brave and stupid if they think they can win. We who enable these people to continue on with these practices are no better than they.  God will hold us liable for the deaths of innocents.

            Now, Mr. President, generally, I like you, you seem to be a pleasant person.  I agree that “change” is needed in Washington.  One of the big changes that needs to be made is that ABORTION needs to end in this once great land of ours, so that we can hold our heads high and be great once again. We need to lead the world in this, they are looking to us to lead.  This sin, this abomination, is making God very angry.  This is probably one of the reasons why He allowed the TOWERS TO TUMBLE…it is a warning of what worse things can come if we don’t start heeding the word of God.   Mr. Obama, you are being decieved if you believe you are acting for “the good of the people.”  Get on you knees, Mr. President.  Our Lord Jesus is the Truth, the Way and the Life.  He will shed light on this for you to see, if only you ask Him.  It is through His grace that we truly begin to understand.  Without Him, we are lost and destined to die forever.

            Am I saying that these extreme Muslims are God’s messengers?  NO!  They are not.  God does not send  people to kill, but He allows it to happen when it serves His purpose.  He has done so in the Bible before.  These extremists will have to reckon with God also, they are not practicing the Muslim faith, they are practicing their own religion…the religion of hate.

            Mr. President, I challenge you to be a hero like President Lincoln was.  Bring back equal rights to those most helpless in our society, children in the womb.  Protect women from the intimidation they receive for wanting to keep their babies.   STOP FUNDING ORGANIZATIONS WHO PROMOTE ABORTION AND WHICH PERFORM ABORTIONS.  ASK THE SUPREME COURT TO RECONSIDER THE “ROE VS. WADE” DECISION in light of the new scientific evidence that has established that babes in the womb respond to the aggression of abortive practices.  They are human beings, fighting for their lives!  God help us
Below are videos, some of which show babies trying to avoid abortion in the womb.  NO PERSON has the right to infringe on the rights of another person just to gratify their own desires.  A woman’s “right to choose” was before she chose to be intimate and create the child. The “choice” to have sexual relations…WAS the woman’s choice, and the result, a human life resulted. She does NOT have the right to destroy that life because she now decides she doesn’t want a baby. This is genocide.
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